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    August 2014 Programs

    (*All Programs are held at Gyuto Foundation in East Richmond Heights unless otherwise indicated.)

    We are making this announcement on behalf of Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California. Please do not contact the Gyuto Foundation for registration.

    We are very happy to announce that Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche will be teaching at the Gyuto Foundation.

    From August 29 - 31, Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche will teach on Three Words that Strike the Vital Point, a pithy and precious Dzogchen instruction from the master Garab Dorje. These essential teachings guide the student toward a recognition of the mind's true nature, and the crucial stages of training in sustaining this recognition in meditation practice. In her vivid and engaging style, Khandro Rinpoche will present these teachings, some of the most beloved in the entire Dzogchen tradition, clearly and directly, helping us to bring their profound meaning into our own personal experience.

    Program Costs: participant $190 / patron $210 / benefactor $230.
    Program Requirements: All are welcome to attend.
    For more information or to register, please visit website here.

    Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche's program is being organized by Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California. If interested, please visit their website or email the Registrar at for more information on this program.

    Please do not contact the Gyuto Foundation for registration.

    Ven. Thupten Donyo

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Past events happening in Gyuto Center
Himalayan Children's Education & Health Fund

Himalayan Children's Education & Health Fund
Donations go towards the educational and healthcare fees of those children whose parents can no longer afford to send them to school and cover their living costs.

Gyuto Vajrayana Center

  • Venerable Thupten Donyo

    "Tibetan Buddhist monk, Venerable Thupten Donyo, befriended and toured with the legendary rock band The Grateful Dead in the late 1980's. He liked the United States so much that he eventually settled in San Jose where he converted a suburban home into a temple and founded The Gyuto Vajrayana Center. The center is not only a place of worship for local Buddhists, but also a learning center of Tibetan history and language."

  • Buddhist Pilgrimage By Donyo

    Buddhist pilgrimage to India and Nepal organized by Venerable Thupten Donyo as a yearly tradition to allow people to know a little more about the place and lifestyle. Visiting different parts of monastery in India and Nepal. It is always a great part of our lives to be exposed in exploration of monastery in India and Nepal. Such an event is well worth to tour the Buddhist Pilgrimage with Venerable Thupten Donyo.

Gyuto Vajrayana Center Operation

Gyuto Vajrayana Center Operation
Donations will go towards operations and maintenance of daily activities for the Gyuto Vajrayana Center. If you would like to further support the Gyuto Center's spiritual and charitable efforts, we welcome your donations.


  • Rental Of Thai Amulet For Blessing Of Relationship & Wealth

    Thai Amulet - Ah Chan - B.E. 2496

    Be blessed in relationship and wealth with Ah Chan amulet. Possession of sacred amulet helps your journey in life. You will be guided to overcome obstacles.

  • Thai Amulet - Ah Chan Toh

    Embraced your fated amulet to help your journey through life. Receiving blessing with your amulet and create harmony with your family members.

  • Thai Amulet - Luang Po Daem

    Each amulet is unique and only fated owner will rent it. Through prayers and wearing the amulet around your neck will help to protect & improve your health as well as your career.